Frequently asked questions

We are based in The Hague, Netherlands. Nevertheless, our platform is not tied to the location. We operate globally and already have testers from different countries!

This platform will not only allow you to purchase shares of different companies, it will also allow trading those shares later. Thus, you do not have to worry about how to cash out. Moreover, companies listed on our platform are going through the selection process and will further be mentored and accelerated by Fledgerr to increase chances for success.

There are many great startups are having big troubles in fundraising. Many startups stop operating at the early-stage because of the rejections from the investors' side.

Fledgerr aims to improve the European Startup ecosystem by providing a platform where startups can raise funds without having a massive network. Just fill out the forms and apply and you can be the next company to raise funds on our platform!

Once you are on our platform, we will help you by mentoring and accelerating your business in different areas such as business operations, grant acquisition, further investment rounds, and more!

Absolutely! Fledgerr’s community of investors is diverse, and ranges from angel investors and venture capitalists, to individuals with little investment experience who are just starting to invest in businesses they believe in and building a portfolio.

We are aiming at launching around 2-3rd quarter of 2021. We have already built the private equity app MVP, have a working crypto wallet and are planning to raise funds to accelerate the launch. Once we ensure the funding, it wil take us 3 months to launch!